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IntraCherche allows you to search in all your files : PDF, Scanned documents, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a lot more!


Increase your productivity by 20%*

IntraCherche knows exactly where the documents that have the piece of information you are looking for are. So ask IntraCherche and go back quickly to your work. IntraCherche will guide you by showing you the pertaining excerpts in each document it has found..
*Sources McKinsey Global Institute, July 2012


Make your Company grow

With IntraCherche it is easy and confidential to access to your Company’s knowledge exactly when you need it.
Consequently you can learn by yourself, add precise data to your presentations, reuse and improve the contents already created by other colleages. You make progress and so does your Company!


Accelerate the dematerialization process

Find in no time your files located in your NAS or network drives based on the text they contain. Files can be signed minutes, (scanned) documentation, bills, reports, and even scanned document, or emails including their attached files.




The indexer is the heart of IntraCherche. It creates the global index that is shared among users across your Company, based on its documents.

PDF-MagiK features OCR capabilities with automatic language selection to easily convert your scanned PDF into searchable PDF.


The Searcher features high-performance algotithms that bring to your eyes all documents pertaining to your search, and help you to quickly make your pick.

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